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Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing


Before setting up any marketing campaign we need to follow the top basic steps of marketing.

  • Marketing Objective
  • Market Analysis
  • Product / Services Analysis
  • Price & Value Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Online Presense Optimisation
  • Business Keywords Analysis
  • Content Requirements
  • Creative & Graphics Design
  • Budget vs ROI Estimations

Try to get good rank in Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) via Google SEO Campaigning.Keywords, website, pages & content is very important element here.


Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign are platform specific like - Google PPC, Youtube PPC, Facebook PPC & Instagram PPC Campaign.Budget required.


Brand awareness, lead generation and content marketing can easily be achieved by social media PPC and free campaigning over Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & More..


SEO Campaign

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important part of online marketing. SEO is all about working on the content, URL, page of the website and improve its ranking on Google / Bing SERP (Search Engine Result Page) search engines. SEO is the best approach for long term stability on Google SERP on specific business keyword search by customers. SEO analyst work on website while following all the standards and google policies and get the best relevet traffic & more sales conversion. This is all about monthly aggressive effort on website which includes :-

  • Be on Google Page one - SERP
  • Design, Code, Pages, Content optimisations
  • Get relevant traffic & sales on business keywords
  • Get a stable position on Google / Bing search
  • Link and Reference Building
  • Increase online reputation of website URL
  • On page / Off Page Activities
  • No Budget or Paid Campaign
Content Marketing

Social Media

Social Media Optimization is practically it is one of the most useful online marketing strategy element to for online branding, reaching to mobs, get social or online engagements etc as 86% of internet users are on social media network (Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram and more...) So its a good way to let them know about your business, product and services via content rich SMO implementation marketing. So what all involve in SMO marketing ?

  • For quick branding & Reach to consumers
  • Rich content file sharing- Image,Video & Text
  • Easy ROI on branding budget
  • Social Account Creation & Management
  • Configuration - timelines, profile, post, events, group etc
  • Get more likes, comments, share, ping, engagements etc
  • Re marketing and content targeting
  • Facebook sponsored Ads and campaigns
  • Content sharing with website domain
  • Route traffic to website for sales & conversions
  • Connect socially with better presentation of business
  • Reach to end consumer of services or products

PPC Campaign

PPC - Pay Per ClickAs we know everybody wants to see their website on Google search result page 1 and trust us, we at Webkype can make it happen very easily. As an online marketing company we got the expertise in Google Adword and Facebook advert PPC marketing campaign planning. PPC stands for Pay Per Click, as the name reveals that you only need to pay per click to Google. PPC on Google and Facebook is all about keywords, quality score, bids, budgets, campaigns, product and services offering to end customer to get the conversion at minimum cost

  • Google PPC Campaigns
  • Facebook Marketing PPC Campaigns
  • Instagram PPC Campaign
  • Youtube Campaign
eCommerce Campaign


As an online marketing company we got the expertise in Google and Facebook Shopping PPC marketing campaign. Shopping Campaigns on Google and Facebook is all about keywords, quality score, bids, budgets, product to end customer to get the conversion at minimum cost

  • Website & Product listing
  • Re-Marketing & Targeting
  • Google Analytics Configuration
Marketing Campaign



App or Website

A good website or an App is a mandatory requirements to plan the digital marketing campaign.


Good Landing Pages

It's the page where traffic lands to view your your product, services, content & offers to avail.


Content & Keywords

Relevant content and keywords mapping with landing page is the key of PPC and SEO marketing campaign.


Buyers Market & Segment

Understand your customer, market, segment and buying habits over internet to plan marketing activities.


Good Marketing Budget

With good website, app and content - Client should have a decent marketing budget to maintain traffic.


Campaign Understanding

Understand the campaign objective, offerins, division, ads and their targeting methods via Analytics.


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