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No matter how big and beautiful your website is designed and developed. You will never get even a single business call or online sale via your website ,if you havent thought or planned the marketing or online marketing of it. In simple words, Online marketing is all about be on search result pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing or many other search engines. Social media, social network, photo sharing sites, video sharing websites and lost more are also the part of digital marketing and help in getting genuine traffic and business if online marketing is planned properly. Generally you will come across with these main online marketing terms.

On your website

SEO - Need & Activities

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important part of online marketing. SEO is all about working on the content, URL, page of the website and improve its ranking on Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) , Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. This is also known as ORGANIC search marketing. SEO is the best approach for long term stability on Google SERP on specific business keyword search by customers. SEO analyst work on ON PAGE / OFF Page activities of website while following all the standards and google policies (Via Webmaster ) and get the best relevet tranffic to website and may lead to more sales conversion and it has nothing to do with PPC, Bids, Budget etc. This is all about monthly aggressive effort on website which includes :-

SEO Activities

  • Be on Google Page one - SERP
  • No Budget or Paid Campaign
  • Easy ROI via SEO
  • On page / Off Page Activities
  • Design, Code, Pages, Content optimizations
  • Link and Reference Building
  • Increase the online reputation of page and website URL
  • Get relevant traffic and more sales on business keywords
  • Global presence and genuine traffic via dfferent search engines
  • Easy to understand reports and performance
  • Know your potential customers - Market, segment and interest
  • Get a stable position within your competitors on google search

Social Media (SMO) - Need & Activities

SMO - Social Media Optimization is practically it is one of the most useful online marketing strategy element to for online branding, reaching to mobs, get social or online engagements etc as 86% of internet users are on social media network (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Youtube, Pin interest, Instagram and more...) So its a good way to let them know about your business, product and services via content rich SMO implementation marketing. So what all involve in SMO marketing ?

  • For quick branding & Reach to consumers
  • Rich content sharing File, Image, Audio, Video, Text - Share unlimited
  • Easy ROI on branding budget
  • Social Account Creation & Management
  • Configuration - timelines, profile, post, events, group etc
  • Get more likes, comments, share, ping, engagements etc
  • Defined post and content targeting
  • Re marketing and targeting
  • Facebook sponsored Ads and campaigns
  • Content sharing with website domain
  • Route traffic to website for sales conversions and business
  • Connect socially with better presentation of business
  • Reach to end consumer of services or products

PPC Google / Facebook - Need & Activities

PPC - Pay Per Click As we know everybody wants to see their website on Google search result page 1 and trust us, we at Webkype can make it happen very easily. As an online marketing company we got the expertise in Google Adword and Facebook advert PPC marketing and campaign planning. PPC stands for Pay Per Click, as the name reveals that you only need to pay per click to Google. Webkype analyse the website, content, business keywords and increase the page "Quality Score" to get your website on page 1 on specific keyword search. It is not as simple as it sounds. PPC on Google and Facebook is all about keywords, bids, budgets, campaigns, product and services offering to end customer and get the conversion at minimum cost. Why you need to do the PPC for your website at least once -

  • Pay only for clicks and conversions
  • Instant results on google result page
  • Plan PPC as per your budget
  • Great response and branding
  • Come on google, yahoo and bing page 1
  • Account setup and advanced configuration
  • Linking Ad word, Analytics and Webmaster
  • Website analysis and increase Quality Score QS
  • On page optimization for better Quality Score
  • Business keyword research & implementation
  • Campaign & Ads design and management
  • Search Network Advertising - Google, Yahoo & Bing
  • Display Network Advertising - Google & Partner website
  • Re - Marketing and Targeting
  • Bid optimization and budget optimization
  • Google Merchant Center - GMC Account Management

Why Email Marketing

Small businesses got no budget for online marketing activities like SEO, SMO, PPC etc. We recommend the well know method of business generation via EMAIL MARKETING or Bulk email marketing. Email marketing is online of the oldest way for engaging the customer for new sales and getting business. Webkype works with mail chimp, group mail , Amazon SES and many other email marketing tools and got the expertise in email marketing based on the customer requirements and business.

  • Email concept design in HTML
  • Content development for Email
  • Email Data mining and classification
  • Create email marketing campaign
  • Get all possible reports of campaign
  • Calculate ROI
  • Manage SPAMS, JUNKS, Non Deliveries and Subscribers
  • Email Read / Write/ IP ad Location report

Why Digital Marketing in 2015

Get Genuine Customers

With good digital marketing approche get the genuine customer and business online

Budget Oriented

With good digital marketing approche get the genuine customer and business online

Easy Mesurable ROI

With good digital marketing approche get the genuine customer and business online

Socially Connected Business

With good digital marketing approche get the genuine customer and business online

365 Days & Night Marketing

With good digital marketing approche get the genuine customer and business online

Targeted & Calculated

With good digital marketing approche get the genuine customer and business online

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